Another Sickening Massacre in Our Quickening Plague: An Explanation

It is sickening and frightful the intensity with which these anti-guns-in-the-hands-of-Americans, warmongering child sacrificers are stepping up their attack on the American psyche, freedoms, and gun rights, via OUR CHILDREN. They are desperate to get us to surrender and lay down our guns and liberties (sound familiar, Nazi Germany?), therefore to better control us. “We need to kill them younger. Elementary school age. That’ll pull on their reactionary heart strings.” Bloodsuckers, desperate to gain even more power, even as the 2012 light influx insures their doom…stay strong, America, and don’t fall for the media problem-reaction-solution agenda and your president’s crocodile tears. This man has bombed more countries than his predecessor, and has told many lies. He wants GMO foods in their school lunch programs and deadly vaccines in their bloodstreams, and we’re supposed to believe he’s so saddened…right.

Take a variation on Occam’s Razor: That which explains the most is often the truest theory. Yes, there is a scintilla of a chance that this was some random, isolated incident perpetrated by some evil “lone nut” madman,  but in the quickening plague of these media-played-up massacres of ours, is it really likely? (CIA/paramilitary black ops can do anything with mind controlled assassins – even program them to kill their mothers. It’s despicable.) Be very leery of the big media bandwagon, teary Presidential speeches, great public outpouring of grief and knee-jerk reaction calls for gun control, etc. (The biggest anti-gun lobbyists and politicos today run the biggest war machine on the planet.) Beware, beware, I say, of any government-and-big-corporate-media co-opted tragedies with a very insidious but superficially elegiac modus operandi. America hangs its head again and asks “Why? Why?” and the clues and answers are right there in our face the whole time- if we but knew how to read and decode them, en masse. Who will benefit the most from the parading and grandstanding of these sick, evil, insane acts of utter desperation? Definitely gets the (my, at least) intuitive truth-searching radar in high gear, as I hope it does so for all of you. Question reality, no matter how disconcerting or bloody. The truth is sometimes hard to accept – but it shall set us free.

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