The Human Being and other Ephemera: Anarchy or Extinction

Welcome to 2014. Here, the price of human life is lower than ever, even as the higher consciousness of the species seems, paradoxically, to be rising. It is an age of paradoxes, and of unrepentant and profligate chaos as well – though chaos perpetuated by a relatively miniscule – and powerful – few. It is an age where the worsening world stage, fed by an obvious, global campaign of disinformation and propaganda, sharpens the powers of discernment in the truth-seeker – while burying the head-in-the-sand types ever further. The lines have been drawn, the widening gulfs separating ever-further those who adhere to truth, justice, and human rights from those who separate themselves via suburban, escapist apathy, nihilism, cynicism, and truly pathological disconnective and dissociative disorders.

The Twenty-first century is already one-seventh over, and blind and bloody death is running loose across the Levant, Ukraine, Ferguson, Missouri (and throughout the cities of America), Iraq (what’s new?), and in any city where the banks tower high over crumbling ghettos and barrios where children with little to no love or guidance kick the rubble – and sometimes pick it up to throw at the cops, Israeli troops and other encroachers upon the cracked roads and walls that paddock their sanctified space. In a century inaugurated by the scuttling of twin towers of Babel in a shocking act that still reverberates with numbing horror, revulsion, and fear, we are no closer to winning the “war on terror” (simply an excuse for endless war on the world’s people, and the purloining of their sovereignty and resources) than we are to understanding our world (or the psychopaths running it into the ground), universe, and even ourselves.

We are faced with a myriad of diseases (more and deadlier than ever, despite our scientific and medical “cleverness”), teetering upon the brink of extinction. We are witnessing just how fragile our planet and her ecosystems are – though many would rather escape into casual hedonism and denial than own up to their part in this crisis zone called Planet Earth. We live in an age that demands our conscientious engagement in the issues and problems that surround us – the alternative being extinction of the human species, which will join the thousands which we have surely aided into extinction with a “soft culpability” methodology when accounting for it. By “soft culpability” I mean the aggregate water cooler talk, media apologists and pseudo-activist politicians who all pay lip service to the problem, then get into their fossil fuel-burning SUVs, diddle their devices (which attract and amplify dangerous microwave radiation) and commute to their comfortable homes, snug in their convenient bubbles of reality. Some may go to modest homes of “sympathetic poverty,” but are still largely out of touch with the stark plight of the earth and her glorious multitude of species.

What about the children of the ghettos of Rio de Janeiro (and just about every major city on Earth) suffering the living death of extreme poverty, the disappearing indigenous tribes who have surely illustrated all along just how to live in accord with the environment, and the hundreds of species that go extinct every single day? When are we in the western world going to quit propping up this Moloch of blind avarice and enslavement, get off the false wheel of progress, and account for our actions (and inaction) with intrepid clarity that might see us as individuals remake our lives – however scary or unthinkable a prospect that is? When will mankind get off the conveyor belt of “doing” and instead take up the yoke of healing – and heal themselves of this hypnotic trance of acquisitive hegemony and ethnocentric brutality which allows one nation of people – as mired in disunity as it is – to labor under the false belief that their way is the dominant one, and the only one that matters.

This ecologically-dissonant and suicidal way of psychological entrainment needs to come crumbling down. It is lamentable that our 9/11 wake-up call was not the catalyst for this that many of us thought it would, should, or could be. Our politicians – who pose as messiahs with smooth-talking palaver masquerading as a gospel of renewal and strength – continue to lie with forked tongues and double-talk, luring the masses into the sleep of madness and destruction. Our politicians do not work for anything but their own careers and benefits – make no mistake about it. If one is conscientious at all, one must be an anarchist – no other system of political belief will do, nor will truly change the game. Getting rid of the self-serving leaders who have sold us into enslavement is merely the first step – akin to clearing the land for a new edifice or plantation – in a series of phases we must enter into if we as a species are to survive. These suggestions of anarchy (not lawlessness and Molotov cocktail-throwing adolescent angst, but rather a pragmatic and permanent overthrow of the powers that be) then, cannot be seen as rabble-rousing, muckraking, or destructive, ipso facto; rather, it can only be seen as the measured, logical antidote to the current, toxic, ecology-threatening state of world affairs.

Literally, if we do not throw them out permanently (I’m talking of the heads of state of at the very least the G-7 nations, the crowned heads of Europe, and even the Pope, cardinals, and all the black magicians operating in the Vatican – and all of their cronies), then we surely face the death of the planet and all life upon it. These ones, for the unenlightened, have been blocking the way for technologies and systems of living which would have long ago eradicated the toxic polluting of our minds, bodies, fellow species, and globe. They also actively engage in for-profit ventures which are astronomically-damaging to the ecology and all of its constituents. It is time to cross the Catholic Church, Vatican, City of London and globalist banksters, i.e. the illuminati, and the hideous, bloodthirsty governments they support off of the list of accepted or adhered-to entities, and declare our own sovereignty and mastery over the world – where sovereignty and mastery prescribe healthy accord and organic symbiosis with said ecology and world. This is a biological mandate for ALL species – not just our own cosmically-confused one.

Again, the anarchy we must engage in if we are to save our world would be analogous to an “enlightened revolution,” a gestalt insurrection that foments a global interlink between all the nations and peoples of the earth. Just how will we get the Eskimo, Tatar, Mongolians, Peruvians, Laplanders, Syrians, Iraqis, Indonesians, Chinese, Russians and Americans on the same page? By systematic and organized overthrow of those who sell us the chains that bind us; by a great widening of the Arab Spring, Occupy Movement, and ongoing human uprising evidenced currently in Syria, Venezuela, and Ukraine; by disengaging from pointless capitalism and jobs we hate for futures we no longer have and instead pouring our energies into bettering life, the ecology, and human interconnectedness; by devoting every waking moment to creating the world that our children will wonder why doesn’t exist as they get passed the generational buck of failed empires.

The future of humanity, then, depends on this enlightened revolution and pragmatic anarchy. The alternative is a planet-wide extinction event.

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