Boycott the State of Florida for Laws Against Feeding the Homeless: Repeal at the State Level Any and All Laws Against Feeding the Homeless

I am sharing here my comment on a story in the Broward County/Palm Beach New Times re the arrest of Arnold Abbott, a 90-year old man who was cited for feeding the homeless:

Lesson in Humanity 101: The ordinances against feeding the homeless – enacted in cities across Florida, such as Tallahasseee, Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale, are quite plain and simply put, unconstitutional and anti-humanitarian. They are clear violations of human rights, and cannot be upheld by any court, nor expected to be followed by any citizen. Hey, Floridians, if you’ve got a nit to pick with people with no homes and nowhere to go being fed by people who care, perhaps it’s a wake-up call to start looking at and fixing the reasons those people are homeless, disenfranchised parts of your community in the first place. The answer is absolutely to meet the problem as a pressing humanitarian issue, dust off your compassion, and get involved. Sticking your heads collectively in the sand, hoping they will wash away with the tide like some human garbage won’t help things. Mayor Seiler and his quisling stormtroopers (wow, what heroes they are!) are wrong. The only time they should be enforcing laws in these parks is when an actual CRIME is observed, such as drug use (but there’s another debate – the horrible human toll in the war on drugs), but especially violent crimes. Sign my petition here and send Florida a message: “We’re not going to contribute to your precious, dehumanizing tourism industry as long as you are persecuting those who feed the homeless”.

Commentary and feedback wholeheartedly welcomed.

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