Vaccines Kill, and Vaccine Shedding Spreads Disease

Please read the articles on this site,, especially if you are still under the ignorant impression that vaccines prevent illness. Quite the contrary is true, as evinced in the quote from the creator of the Polio vaccine himself, Jonas Salk:

“Live virus vaccines…may in each instance pro­duce the disease it intended to prevent—the live virus against measles and mumps may produce such side effects as encephalitis (brain damage).” – Jonas Salk, inventor of Polio vaccine – Science, 4th March 1977.

38 years later, we now have a myriad of cases which prove unequivocally that vaccines suppress health, destroy the immune system, and are actually part of a larger medical conspiracy to sicken, weaken, and kill what they see as human cattle. A healthy, unvaccinated child or adult with a strong immune system is around 70% less likely to get vaccine-oriented illnesses – unless they are in a room of vaccine-shedding dupes!

What are you allowing to poison you and your children?

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