Ovtha simming chords attractors leave one very coddled behind,

the psychic knocks to take. She too. A lad of view parries thru. Cut the lavender

a wry bees-for-weeks tarried. Curried a sex throb morn in darkened day,

august still. Hush a thorn. Drown your wish best hest thrown a flurry of

dawns grew up hot to crown our crowns with much to light spilling: out,

over, in – to melt our ageless wings of care. And the forry of pantaloum in

blousy shirts of Om did write a daylude hatted as pears’ll fall and all.

When the darkclouded bester spheres come to lightdance dark a rainy

Shade. A taker of skin and giver of plain. I sureshade knot did quiver the strings

After the beastless hymn moved wedded in flesh. Then, crawling in a bestial

Flow was the best eye we cravers shed.  Often busty lines are said. Things.

And others. This and that – O say. We cornered luck in her den and called a

Karma new. So new can it be true? And we clommed in a fine vine we trine!

Where hat to coat and save brain but say the upvoice no to downland frays.

If often notes o fave could entry save I can climb through this mind of many

Trayvons & where could make war will – I unplug.


In the vetters fall such magic rugs dreamof & lofted did galaxy ride. One two hide four five play seven highs nine flies – skevvers fielded round the town again go, mazey rat show with trees. Here? Switzamerica blest, confess. “There’re hicks here, too,” says she & the agreed on worm tricks the sky. Where ignorants come agape & stare do same rough roads burn wasty engines on where once princely HU-man rots dingles totters to dough. Sung with these sylphs & glyphs instead head-won’t-blow said O seeded givers tranced. In the full, beggars pain belifted O say once I am saved. (No, not by the hanged man re-arranged.) Say by the rain or blue jays or plumpfruited glades – anything! Courageous gray and inkling of played notes rave and swarm of woman dangles the flay (to owe once who uptime flounced) in the raintease clay-a-more new Augusts fritter say  fay shades more leisure walls unmissed & the obsessive lake-in-mind when child once free & torpor belimned the undestroyed day (shivved gusher blank bid)!


Could he story the sun earth water winter in with momdad frid and drove to cradledwater sounds pollen frigate yellowed season where lake flipped over and so did boy tumbled into man…what? No lakefree always kingdoms cartwheel like this? What this world is unbeknown flembeknot none of us could. And then of pretzeldreams say what and why. And the verrious cooms did vim the sights of what we to do and did. Nothing. & the vergoplum roots a neighborly share of the fruits: allsearch for answers where in the late adept face where escapers mungle. She a food run frid. Moon awaits on night to sit. Flyslow close O enemy wound where enterers wanted none, heave one. Extenders fogaboded emlow know: perfumaroles pilgrimage not this time. Awakers voded slow to unmake pain & lube pleasurepalace sot. Better with a panful blue + setters mot. The face for what did & where we be call kletters to unsoup sip a plot. Choppers constant to cluck a grave way. Dressed for the plot Amerikan founder said eat less live longer. Yes I frayed & bestyou stayed. & fooers say none breathe more keep in pranayama do. Like a graveyard for mice or wherestorm mites the sooner blest & mete with sprites. Push leaves & pay a man to cut chop rake heaveway nature’s glories for fence’s sake & humanbusy skid degree flee.


Cuv morningportion already gone on this pile of seconds called my life to miters blow real? Scoffers caused scoffins – unbelief shadowed. In what swirlwind mellows a storm apropos stoned on Calinorth silent arenas beautied stamped. For the courageless lives a wink a din a pansyman grated cheeselike rememburrs his first blows and summers vots, could a keep for ferried row bumsavaged claint bestow? In bloodravaged riversadder the fruits of nature rarer bee – in museums soon and make food appointments see if we have but Russian lines. In pressurebrain siggers sought where he a lifenormal row? Where or who to all his hymns ‘n poems tow? Erect from scribble o whims a strade for standing story of the world. It was the presshuss tones to migger the souldanceing flow and wordmake from the raucous nebulous mythoma in lodes. Could forever write if believe better ca-know a plied-by-terror ting? cat he whines now for fishsnack ways & get the teeth in safekeep munchy prize in all our deeps. Gastrick reliquary for feeps ‘n dozen leaps! Family crest in northern labyrinths burns in its fobbed keep. Silentphoto folded sorrymother could u smilereal maybe once? Once when girl wide-eyed, once when woman undied eternity’s trance unblamed. Ican stillwrite? (a gifted surely ham of page and strings, rhymes and lines.


And the firm one figger far one back out of sack still here. O life to figure what do, will or what must can. My, she rolls a chariot hers o down the spivvy canyon sounds. Piney curved rhoadkill more and more and more o urgent less consume please be. But a constant life till blind and blood no longer sea. Lifted hevvin breathless tube bee? Uknee verse will ended be a start to thee, O unscene. The seed that sprouts ne’er sees, in soil, the upper skigh and sunny whorl. Calyxes that in epic blooms do run – those are my kingdumbs, my glades where once on horses with milaydee did sun. to see life and life to be a nowing negating frave to trivver a laugh. To say a babe’s to say earth’s done? Others rank to fix a make where bibbers lone and two would rake. Changers air-rogue-ant stoppered knot unmake a self, but procreant down false roads no/n/ not. Time sits heavy on the blind while seers pay the cost. O giant heave these knots upon the deck so mad Ahab may he see, prevent dizz-astery. A stigger of the grand chew my role has form: to zig where needed zag but wait don’t keep zigging fave nest scowl-howl besty gamed. Afterimage child strange learning in a toil now to uncoil the snake & hevvers best lipped givvy up the dam, the self so blamed. Bested kept the balm of sainteddemons’ test. Now undo. For figger a farther shine and if a comfy self u leave behind, then…be liver never one seen afore to say of life a god livingnow in you, this facet best. Reflect all others as the tumblin monks would do. Bow to the ignorant eaters? “Thank you for being my teacher” thaybow and how unity to have, show the humbler way & wave off wandering ego flats. O slat of warmleaf echoes & bucket ‘o lavender on decktable provides more than ah thousand soupermarketplaces combined. So hear how fast I in the tumblemountain sighs, and rise. The outro stretched in samba slow where the weltereater manned the fathered show. Where a brook could stop you – Earth’s M.O. A bouncingmotive heady enclosed & furred fit purrfumed bloom and clow. If eye went back to halls in new clothes & pencils books and knew w/ friends cheeky droll bemused to teach the teachers would I grow? Would to feel that newgifty flow shorty embarrassed the asses with his Christed glow, but where I would merrymake bikeriding to and from and back again…a stave o’ misty years clonged unfrid trees and sea-sons parentage say how go – if adept you blondhaired came to know family hireark-I-call sapient the somedays but September would leave me orangeyellowed with sorrow…& a velge to have a moomday wolf of nothingness would hinge on treeclimb soars. Shot the sparrow and now I burn for. Velved a chiv o rightly smoked a vaf of nug. Stony in the stoner’s mug. Thought a goodfriend blood for life. To roll the summerdays by and find the magic leafybud. Stearic  end the fline of breen. Tasty in the sideways weeks months days the prince came out of hiding said what was. stares ‘n silence and hammered heavy headbanging lostways liffed! Smoked and saw music did he give, was seen a youngbrain smoky in the breen o Buddha laughless ne’er again and sprouted further veins. Chucked a flash of hash and soped the games & tricks in Comstock of the elvish players flying. Bang in your smoke lit but malish us never just funning in the epochal ever. In the fells of epic masters music-king the miles of vision N-tranced. Plugged in and drummer friend a bass then banded me out. Fine, mix the sound and tink of dough you give. Grungepipers louder than good did sink from egoheavy vains. Shunned friend all the time had talentthe more in one pluckfinger than the whole vanload in fullwail! Making more and sagacious musewick than ever decadesafter and nights that orchestrate consequence of shroudless viz-ions! Cohorts fake the door were given. Firds or fakelast grown away riven. Curb the gast of devilmuch “your friends” would hide. Now take the stage O find the songs in your hands that fell from eld-rich trees very the good. & the culls that progue you fet more sum the rain: fever re-fave, raver abstained! & the tupfloe yorst of mouths mis-youthed yergang.


Muchwell though the safety where Buddha suchness threads. Weelfelain the triggers fenced & suchness blast. Be born of the Weigh & tiredthrown the oldways slake the strain. Augusts all numbered vary the myths of time’s allowance your staying world! Ferrous bird all trouncy, how theyhunger the packs! Trellised O sine of muskers the hidden have. & seared the sallied wrath of serried space – wanton fools & fawned-upon face. Go see kressers spoil the furled & all goodworks now besters of fate face this. Suggers chouth a mythvaried waste & fought in births of clattered Mays. Sphinxy boycat longlived he in bluechair mewy models of grace! And no more mourned muddlers upsent distract from truth’s charade, where he gangly upped & prowled he the Sphinxy catboy murring the mounds. Once I sat there mourned my blithey clouds & the mirthknots glowed with our terraces of plummy doubt. That courage wakes the flout. That simmers bought the rout and fingered it out. Eiffel from our touchy viewscape gaveway to Blarney kissing realstone treads in real lands that don’t thoughtless piss on fancy or mothball delicates of frace. Seeing & knowing & saying the Irish experts all – let all Yanks learn. Why we now burn the world – in our own pyre sold to us as solution to our pornographic and unglowy yords! To stoney sake the ponied fjords, already vista’d in Patagonian flance. Yousaid and fearghosts fled. But not afore they socked a bruised leg. Polterguised veery beds? Was I steaming and bleary for none? I was all skithers of doubt but exorcising the she-demons of selfdamaged shrouds.  & long before as elfin blondkicker shast where the comeless are-key-types of being blast – hezzy O daze bestrapped. Momdad said so, in a blow, on a wing and aghast. Out in yard saw bombers high and neighbor pal stuffed dirt in this maw as payment for boorish mest. Shake we junglejim and film the mess – quakearth in emerald city west we seven-eight years odd did crest. Whoa blow these unstoppable seens & camera endless filming with the sense at seven of a chronologicalligraphic fest of self and worldmirror to pour ignored-not-tales the more and run these vales o’ path, or in basements see what is. Both sons of John, one in bossy flims on birthday 10th that fiery fall aroused such gifts. Torn from friends firm and southground turns, at nine across town might have been ah thousand miles: one foot on the Moran Prairie and one on High Drive. One caller Montana and one alpine to ski lake thrive. Bob like cotton in her waves sired, too.


Never to shake a hymnless trying, where church and state endless lying, a mothered soul lost it all though ne’er forgot the lyric-call, softing in the waftless crawl. Kids hiding in leaf-pile streets where cars I sensed the danger and then did in height of some-myrrh blackout at ten, blacken the streets completely in a time-lost fout. Seer a plumb completely where you shout! Didst the wren of lines commit? Verse t’ranged Europa plessed by light history sunk away, now folks liveright stay. Amerika the last and gassed to learn the Way. Wafty after bitter calls are the ‘winged withall’. Outly peep, scribble-scrabble do-dad-day.

Offist hiffers golden shank, destiny in deadfish breached in oily bay, sunk by beedeaths the verve to grieve our only catch. Would in ’10 say an end when up oily gash erupted earth’s jugular severed and still our reliance-fossil breaths. Zoomed to me realmemory sest that day 7-82 when tarmac slammed to my crane-hum saddened on loaded looks. Cravy top sound abound! “Do you kids love laying around in the street?” the old woman ignorant say of injured child. And spittle pooled on waking the unconscious ridedream, and rose Iran for home close teary safe upstairs frightened for meself in blackspace taste of death. Same day mother say we mountain go with a Jane to take pics for a project’s plain. Skihill summerdrove and nauseous all the way and headache from groundslam throbbed me looking. Did updrive and down, finally mothertended the boy but knew only bikefell not slept in street knocked out.

Concussed nonplused & bussed in car whilst women artful framed, then got back with my bruised brain. Where may have opened a fenestra to the Fevens, though I had the gift before that. ‘Twas my cosine exsanguinator of trilly dines. Not to rob the mooring rines. Was in time or portal out to simulation? A verrous crair of emulation? Cathode bare & bombers roared, bluespruced high & summers’ murmurs core. Did go wrong somewhere & slow. Where now the mandibular middleager sireof poems intones colorzones of pastery proud? A mythversion mastered by the only guru for my life – who now holds this pen. Vernous ven the catted hen, how hurry-curry the vacuous fen, in pergy-plated stay. Prizz-sonner hemmed and simmered to plen. Could the risen day now a holy dark upsend? Versend the plyant plea for solo fends. Sands. Upper the rainless stormimage hangs her planks of white and seas of blue, graying dimbolt retinue the glideless man on sea or cloud. On the drony node of cancontinence roughed we dibbers built a platform strange burning towers of Babel out of promises made, our storming future arrested in twin tracks oblade. Hopery played in the stormy dawns & chose words and lines bemade of rangy flows. Goodness knows a serpent, and the serpent shows. Evil knows all hellish hopes. Burn the effing palaces sworn! Burndigger the fatulous trown – for each sunswigger there’s a heartless clown.

Embattle the offing gade, we edge a proliffing probemost lay. & fowling the mourning wind was a cuckle-cadoo over the way and near astray. Soaper most is trenchantly feared? To be the dirtiest unborn smiler to rot before you. In the skyling’s dorns a dove. We blatted on and on all life’s symphony. What hummingbird’s humming flap wings zip overhead now, the lovebirds deux dogfight clown. Knotty all the faces on cherrytree feles & bibing mine tells. Would all lakes darken to the dawning truth in now’s well – that from this once rich planet lifebold foresworn now sinks in a demonology of useless ways(te)? How many lifeforms delent each day? To live on her now is an awful poem of torture and pain authored by a mad demon false arrayed. A clutch of hooks stingered the piles & blind pushed on our figgered flore. Into forests, seas, prairielands, skies and plays. Into my broken heart its lies. Vento tombless smiles & swetters viled. Went once to see & now to see no more. Morey the more and money the gore. Awake thinking of chaos reigning Earth’s habit-tats & the rodding display. Breathing couldn’t last night be, but thought of the children stricken Sudanese. And all children & persons renting ghastly lives. Fordy with a psychic wife dostblane the verchers of the coiled perlife – vem the vain and voil the hive! She stayned with stomacher pains rare to mend the gulch soft wails. Pained in the friended march could with helpmete wipe traitors from her map.

Gaia glows in stopless clat. No karmic worries will block this bat. Highest karma to the darkkilling candle! But wait we must for the planetary signal? Vest o’ burming fots. If the way to stay runs fay, it runs with Kali’s sleigh. Punch widdle the sharming feds; punch the one who your bed attacks. Kill you would the one who poisons you, your family, your home – setting fire to your castle. Bring the boiling oil to the forepeak and cast it down! Wait you not for the perfect time and place – uncertain even what it is. Instinct cures the lanes of cidal yorns. Pulls its blade and severs the head of Grendel illborn. See Grendel burning your towers, raping your children, spitting out pestilence upon your lands and heads. What now. To do. St. George took a blade sharptrue gleaming. Likewise Launcelot in ancient days of infamy aimed. A blade called Very Tor.  For the brimming envy floored we moored. Marco Polo grotted Kubla Khan much more to explore the outer doors. Fernling troddy trine deboot the prine. Veldy fotty wooks, scan free-dumb in dusty books. Would prize be realive and not in fettered story trived? Interrobang me, dine. Fine, O liars when you burn from this realm. Still warmth surrounds my poured lines’ grine fine. If belief fell to poisoners, inc.  who make careers from lies to sell you cheapmade berths.


Spatial nod greedy blab…

Wonderworn couldsay belly of days. Hinterland sacked creeds of obvious doom.


A featheredword:


And then let flow the tunic sleeves –

Let none assault this masterpiece!

And solve the years of these scowls

And golay beneath golden leaves.

Not with a woman proud as this summit –

Not with a tear blown from every eye;

Here, where the charioteer eats manna,

Here, where the everlasting forsooth would I.


But oft let us build these sunny towers;

Sluices of blood mimic alpine waters, and veinly

Shoot these rapids to delirious brain. Study, Samson,

These Herculean dreams, then ferment in your cottagebarrels

This vigor-us wine. How wave these orchards’ hands

So patient splayed, where green heavens here and now

Leave us no afeared nadir of sun and shade.


Ack, tumble bears soft from free box

Where lack’s din melts to porch the fox.


What would these rudiments of lips

Signify if we on drowning ships

Had to search for love between

The icebergs cracked and melting?

Would woe vault her icy eye

To more tropical rimes

And the dolorous scent of mordant clime

Where the bodies all line up for

Lashings from Neptune and Ra?

So-fa, so-la, Zeus pulls on

his gray beard

But leaves us so.